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the rcap of the week


This week the news was rich on the side of Apple, in particular because of the WWDC which was held this Monday, but also on the side of the hackers and the community gravitating around the Jailbreak of iOS.

iOS 9 logo "width =" 250 "height =" 209This Monday, Apple held its annual high mass, WWDC and presented the new features of his assistant Siri, the launch ofApple Pay in the UK, the additions of Maps in iOS 9, the various improvements to iOS 9 regarding multitasking and other functions to limit the benefits of jailbreak. In passing, Apple also mentioned the upcoming availability of the IOS 9 Beta, the firm quickly presented WatchOS 2 as well as OS X El Captain, just like its platform Apple Music streaming.

On the dark side, the Jailbreak also had its share of announcements, with the demonstration of a functional iOS 8.3 Jailbreak, information shared by the Team Taig on the iOS 9 Jailbreak, but also announcements from the K33n team. To put it simply, the IOS 8.3 and 8.4 jailbreak is approaching, the teams are only waiting for the release of iOS 8.4 to deploy their tools.