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The phablet, a real star among smartphones

On the border between smartphone and touch pad, the phablet had not been very successful before the model was introduced Galaxy Note by Samsung. Since then, phablets have been in high demand in Asia but also in established markets.

The size and ergonomic drawbacks that often require using the device with two hands are quickly forgotten in view of the possibilities provided by the use of a large screen and the associated mobile connectivity, no longer requiring a smartphone and a separate shelf.

Galaxy Note Edge 02 At the same time, smartphone manufacturers no longer hesitate to offer screen diagonals of 5.5 inches and more up to their flagship models, contributing to the distribution of large smartphones all over the world.

The design office GfK observe the growth of phablets (identified as smartphones with a screen of more than 5.5 inches) in the last quarter of 2014 where they represented 12.8% of all mobile phones sold.

The Asia / Pacific region remains the most interested in this type of device, which represents 17.5% of its mobile market. Next comes the Middle East with 11.1% while in Europe, its proportion still only represents 6.4% of mobiles in the last quarter of 2014, however up from the 3% observed at the end of 2013.

In France, more than 1.5 million phablets in 2014 but, note analysts at GfK, more than half of this volume was played … in the last quarter of 2014. They note the permanent installation of phablets on the global mobile market compared to so-called smartphones standard size, especially since the average price is falling.

It remains rather high in Europe (761 dollars) but only reaches 466 dollars in the Asia / Pacific region, which also explains the success of the segment.

GFK phablet average price

For Anrdt Polifke, director at GfK, "the large screen size is the main highlight of the phablet, ideal for the consumption of content on the move. Phablets are all-in-one devices, at the crossroads between smartphone and tablet, but at a price that remains advantageous compared to the purchase of 2 separate devices. "

The question of the fashion effect of phablets is therefore no longer topical, the niche of large screen smartphones being brought to know a nice growth "well beyond 2015".