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the media are invited into phmre messaging

Snapchat, the application known for its main functionality allowing to send ephemeral photos and messages, will soon offer to integrate original written and video content.

Messaging has signed a partnership with 11 media outlets including CNN, Vice and Warner Music in order to offer new features to the approximately 100 million users of the service.

The goal is to monetize a user base by following the example of social networks which are gradually becoming a source of information for a crowd of Internet users. Snapchat could therefore offer targeted content, whether news, music, video clips, trailers …

Thanks to this, partners will benefit from more visibility by exploiting the Snapchat user base, and advertisers are probably already rubbing their hands of it. Snapchat thus offers advertising space, billed for $ 750,000, but the firm could also ask for 40% of the revenue generated by advertisements directly broadcast by partners.

Snapchat should also host its own channel, the firm has also hired some journalists and artists on this subject. In total, 12 channels will be fed each day.

The service, dubbed Discover could soon be deployed worldwide, but Snapchat will have to meet other media.