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The French are less interested in social networks than the rest of Europe

In France, video on demand and Internet television are at the forefront of Internet user habits, a situation which contrasts with that of social networks. The French would be like this "very reluctant to have social activities online" according to the study by the European Commission.

Optical fiber We would only be 46% of French internet users to use social networks, signing the rate there "the weakest of all EU countries", which averages 58%. In hyper-connected countries like Denmark, this rate even reaches 69%.

"Likewise, the French are among the least diligent when it comes to consulting news online" evokes the study. 46% of Internet users would do it, and ultimately it is not better for music, videos and online games which represent only 47% of Internet users, the 20th position out of 28 in the European ranking.

In the area of ??connectivity, France is a poor student and stagnates at the bottom of the ranking. While 74% of households do have a fixed broadband subscription, only 9.4% of subscribers benefit from very high speed. By way of comparison, the European average for very high speed is 22% of the population.

The European Commission therefore stresses the importance for France "to make progress" and not to maintain the course of the deployment of the optical fiber. The weakness in very high speed " limits France's ability to reap the benefits of the digital economy. "