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the end of the Half-Life remake only in the paid version

In development for several years, Black mesa initially presents itself as a mod for Half-Life 2 aimed at recreating the entire campaign of Valve's first Half-Life. The project, initially available for free download, was recently released for early access on the Steam platform at 19.99 euros.

Black Mesa - 8This change of perspective will have an impact on further development. Indeed, Black Mesa is not yet finalized, since it remains to work the last chapter of the adventure which takes place on the planet Xen. In a series of questions and answers on Reddit, the Crowbar Collective team clarified that Xen will only be developed in the paid version of the remake.

Joe R., level designer at Black Mesa, said "In order to make Xen render the best we can, we need to improve the engine with new features. These new elements will be incompatible with the version of the mod ».

"Organic environments are not something that the Source Engine does particularly well"said Jordan F. of the development team. ?Making Xen render as good as we want requires a lot of improvements to the way the engine handles display and lighting. We cannot adapt these modifications on the mod because we do not have access to the source code of this version of the engine », he added.

However, this is not the end of the development of the free mod for Half-Life 2, since Joe R. clarified that bug fixes will be provided, through the early access version.