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the end of the copper network for 2022

A report by Payl Champsaur, president of the Authority of public statistics, given to Axelle Lemaire and Emmanuel Macron thus recommends stopping the copper network in favor of optical fiber.

optical fiberThe report mentions a gradual transition to bury the traditional copper network for the benefit of an exclusive deployment of the fiber optic network for total national coverage planned for 2022.

To support the project, Paul Champsaur therefore recommends the creation of a "fiber zone" status. When a municipality reaches this status, the regulator will send the signal for the extinction of copper in the area, inviting consumers to change their subscription. The state has already promised to ensure that financial terms are fair to consumers. Fixed telephony will therefore no longer be on the copper network, but via fiber optics.

However, the project remains complex for professionals. Not to mention the complexity of financing deployments of the fiber network, we are talking about payment systems by bank cards being done mainly by traditional means, on the copper telephone network. From card transactions to sports betting transmissions (PMU, FDJ …), it is a complete infrastructure that will need to be updated. Same problem on the side of civil aviation, elevator surveillance systems, remote monitoring networks and alarms … In total, more than 40,000 examples of affected sectors have been identified.

Another sensitive point is that of the financial stakes on the side of the incumbent operator Orange, which will no longer benefit from the sums paid as line rental to operators who do not yet offer full unbundling in all areas of France. The loss for Orange is thus estimated at half a billion euros per year.

The objective is ambitious: in 7 years, more than 30 million households will have to be connected to optical fiber.