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The electronic seal settles in France

electronic seal 1

After a first shy foray into December last year, the electronic version of the seal is finally available in France. With its flavor and smell of cannabis, the device should normally talk about it in the coming days.

electronic seal "width =" 250 "height =" 250In December, we discovered KanaVape, a vaping machine offering cannabis extract in a version similar to any other device of its kind. Today, the same company offers the E-njoint electronic seal.

According to its manufacturer, the electronic seal would make " lightly hovering smokers around the world who cannot legally smoke cannabis where they live"The device resumes the shape of a cone, it will also have the smell and flavor of a cannabis joint. On the menu: muscle relaxation and mood improvement, but without THC, CBD, nicotine or tars It remains to be seen what will happen to the feeling of "hovering" and the risks associated with driving or other situation requiring the user's full attention.