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the application of rumors critical for its tendency to harassment

Since its launch two weeks ago, the Gossip mobile application (gossip in English) has been much talked about. Its principle is simple and offers everyone access to a list of "gossip" published by their contact list. You can also search by names and contacts to find each gossip associated with the person of your choice.

gossip The user is thus able to launch a rumor in a few minutes and disseminate it widely on the network. It is possible to support the rumor with a photo or video. To avoid stigmatization, the display time for this content is limited to 10 seconds.

However, for the Independent and Democratic High School Federation (Fidl): "The objective of this platform is not to play, but to harm others. We condemn this application, which must be prohibited" reports Eliott Nouaille.

"There were the spotted pages on Facebook, devoted to anonymous declarations – sometimes declarations of love, but also rude words – of high school students from the same school, but with Gossip, it's much more violent."

The result is forms of harassment that take place both on the platform, but which are also transposed in schools, each accusing himself of having launched rumors about Gossip. Harassment which can turn into violent acts, and have a serious psychological impact on victims ranging from depression to suicide attempts.

The application has obviously heard comments from everywhere and is no longer available for the moment: "Following the many reactions sparked by Gossip, we made the decision to take the application out of service for a few days, the time to put in place a more elaborate moderation system."