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The 4K definition is not interesting in the case of smartphones

With the fashion for smartphones with a large diagonal and the proliferation of models offering a 2K display, one can legitimately wonder how far manufacturers are thinking of going. When will 4K indeed be? We already have the answer from the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Kevin Ho, head of the smartphone industry, said it was not on the agenda.

According to him, if the contribution of 4K on televisions makes sense, it would not have on smartphones. The user would not see the difference between 2K and 4K. Without counting the repercussions on consumption and consequently autonomy. While 2K gives hope for a day or more of use, 4K would mean half a day maximum. This is a bad time at a time when consumers are still making progress on this side.

The man underlines in passing that a Full HD smartphone might offer four times less pixels than a 4K model, but that it would also consume four or even eight times less energy. This should comfort users who have decided to stay in Full HD and sulk the higher definitions. It also tends to justify the choice of Huawei, which has not yet decided to venture into the 2K / QHD models, even with its next P8.

Huawei Honor 6 Plus The Honor 6 Plus which "just" has a 5.5 inch Full HD screen (click to enlarge)

However, Huawei does not refrain from considering 4K one day, when the concessions in terms of autonomy will be less large.