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The 20 most expensive applications on iPhone and iPad

The average price of an application on the Apple App Store is $ 1.44, which is well below the general price of a game called AAA that runs around 6 to 8 euros, but almost double that the vast majority of applications billed at the symbolic price of 99 cents.

If many users already judge the price of certain applications around 10 euros as a limit not to be crossed, that does not prevent some developers to bet wider.

Top 20 most expensive apps in the Apple Store

So while the most profitable applications are now free apps with in-app purchases, some companies want to cash in huge amounts very quickly, as shown by this top 20 of the most expensive applications on the Apple platform.

There are 8 applications offered at the price ceiling imposed by Apple of 999.99 dollars, followed by other applications billed between 199.99 and 499.99 dollars.

Some of the most expensive are useful for professionals, such as VueCad Pro, an editor of industrial plans in 3D, or Harrison's Principles, a guide dedicated to doctors.

Others are a simple scam, or a clearly ostentatious application like Water Globe, which brings together a collection of virtual snow globes