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T411 changes domain name to escape blocking

The SCPP had announced it: after the landing of The Pirate Bay in France, the next target to pass there would most certainly be T411, one of the most popular P2P platforms in France.

The site is already the subject of complaints from companies from the record industry, and it is therefore in discretion that T411 has migrated to a new domain name based on the .io extension.

T411 migration is still available, but the address now redirects users to the new address. " These changes occur in order to end certain blockages "indicates the site, which has the merit of being clear.

The civil society of the producers of phonograms sued T411 in the same way as The Pirate Bay, the organization having however recently appealed a decision of the TGI of Paris arguing however in its favor, since allowing it to order the blocking of the access to the site by French ISPs.

According to T411, the platform brings together more than 5 million active users for a total of 480,000 shared files.