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suspect accesses 572 iCloud accounts

This is the case that had made a lot of talk in the summer of 2014 and somewhat thwarted Apple's communication. Celebgate – or Fappening – which has seen the leak of several hundred intimate photos of American celebrities. In the crosshairs: iCloud.

HackerThe apple firm, however, has always ruled out any breach in its systems, whether iCloud or Find my iPhone. If celebrity iCloud accounts have been compromised, it's because of a very targeted attack on usernames, passwords, and security issues.

Today, a document dated October 15, 2014 on the FBI investigation is surfacing. It is in line with Apple's statements and indicates that an IP address was used to access nearly 572 unique iCloud accounts between May 31, 2013 and August 31, 2014, including some belonging to the famous victims. And this in a very insistent way since at the rate of 3263 times.

From this same IP address, there were also 4,980 password reset attempts for 1,987 unique iCloud accounts. We can still be surprised that no Apple warning system has ticked.

The IP address was traced to the home of a man living in Chicago. Computer equipment was seized there, but the document does not say whether there was a charge.

Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence was one of the few to publicly acknowledge having been a victim of Celebgate. An act which she qualified as " sex crime "As for Internet users who had looked at her intimate photos, she said:" They should be shamed ".

Following this affair, a site like Reddit – which served as a hub for access to intimate photos – made its usage policy more stringent in order to strengthen the protection of privacy.