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summer sales with DRM-free games up to -90%

GOG summer sales 2015

The download platform GOG has frankly set up its summer sales operation, offering many PC and Mac games at prices sometimes very attractive. In addition, free games will be offered following your purchases.

Known and appreciated due to the distribution of games without any DRM, the download platform GOG has recently started its summer sales. Also, many Windows, MacOS and GNU / Linux games are arranged with discounts up to -90%.

GOG summer sales 2015 - free games "height =" 131 "width =" 212In the same spirit as the implementation carried out for the previous sales of the site, free games will be offered to players. This time, it will be a question of unlocking titles based on your purchases during the promotional period.

If you spend 1 euro, SimCity 2000: Special Edition will be free. STALKER: Clear Sky will be delivered after having exceeded the threshold of 18.30 euros and Xenonauts if you offload 45.80 euros. This proposal will expire on June 21, date of the end of the sales on the site.

As a reminder, promotional offers change every 12 hours, with 100 new games every day.