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subscriptions are legal except unlimited

Book mediator Laurence Engel has thus found an agreement with three French start-ups who wanted to offer a streaming subscription service in the digital book sector. YouScribe, YouBoox and Izneo therefore get the green light for their offers, but not without planning, however.

It was the arrival of Kindle Unlimited which caused the revolt of the actors of the book and the rise to the niche of Fleur Pellerin which questioned the legality of the offer. In question, the violation of the law on the book of 2011 which establishes that it is the publishers to fix the price of their works … An impossible situation within the framework of a subscription where the end user is not really Buyer.

Kindle Unlimited

At YouScribe, the law is adapted in this way: it is the publishers who set their scale per page "A kind of imaginary price which makes it possible to determine a consumption limit for readers". Subscribers are pooled to create a global consumption limit and not an individual one.

There will be no question of unlimited, the platform suggests that in general, subscribers will be able to benefit from 8 to 20 books per month. "Many publishers are interested in streaming because, ultimately, a subscriber invests more than a book buyer. The average basket of a YouScribe subscriber is 120 euros per year against 80 for a traditional buyer."

If the platform ever exceeds the limits imposed by publishers, prices will be increased.

Izneo for its part opted for a reverse solution: the offer is unlimited, but comes down to works by the same publisher.