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Star Ocean 5 cr for fans of RPG and without DLC, according to tri-Ace

Recently announced by Square Enix, Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness looks like the next installment of the tri-Ace studio RPG, coming to PS4 and PS3.

Star Ocean 5 - 3 In a recent interview in Dengeki PlayStation magazine, Shuichi Kobayashi and Hiroshi Ogawa (respectively producer and director of the game) announced that they have chose to favor Sony consoles after exchanging on which platforms former Star Ocean fans were likely to play.

Highlighting a "Back to basics", Ogawa said he "Would like to do something that can be enjoyed by RPG enthusiasts." Kobayashi added that "Our goal is to do something that can be accepted by RPG fans and a Star Ocean that is part of the era."

In this idea, it is specified that this fifth component will not have a DLC to enhance the service life, or even to complete the scenario: ?We are not thinking of DLCs to complete the story. Of course, if the fans want it, then it will be a possibility. ?.

"Personally, I think the fans think that if we have time to work on this, they would rather let us know how to work on the next game", said the producer very rightly.

Remember that Star Ocean 5 does not yet have a release date.