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Soon a red list against telephone canvassing

Only a few months left before saying goodbye to cold calling! A provision of the Hamon law published this Thursday in the official journal should soon allow everyone to register on a red list and no longer be solicited by phone.

Mobile phone person Registration will be free, and small precision which is important: it will be functional for fixed lines as well as for mobile lines.

The other key argument in favor of this red list is that it will be particularly severe with the direct sellers who would eventually continue to try to contact registered prospects: sanctions provide for fines of 75,000 euros.

Registration can be done online or by other means (which the decree does not yet specify). The state will have to designate the body which will be in charge of managing the service for the next five years. Registration on this red list will be valid for 3 years, renewable, users will be notified of the end of their registration three months before the deadline.

For professionals, the situation will be complex, since they will have to ensure the conformity of their prospecting files and to compare it with the opposition lists at least once a month. This applies to professionals who use the telephone prospect as usual. For professionals who use the prospect by telephone on an occasional basis, the verification must be done before each campaign.

Note also that if registration is free for users, it is professionals who will be called upon to finance the operation of the organization that will manage the service.