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Sony Xperia Z4: rumors resume

Despite some enthusiasm for the Xperia Z4, Sony has not bothered to present its next high-end smartphone at the MWC this year. What revive some rumors and give way to some leaks.

Sony Xperia Z4 If we can expect to see the smartphone formalize at the IFA in Berlin, rumors are picking up all over the smartphone. Today it is its dimensions that appear on Twitter: 146.3×71.9×7.2 mm.

The Z4 will thus be barely thinner than the Z3 (7.3mm), but overall, it retains the same size … No big change to expect in terms of design so unlike previous echoes indicating more '' a millimeter difference in thickness between the two smartphones.

Still, the two info could be right. Thus, Sony could have thought of offering a thinner smartphone at the start, and then have revised itself in the meantime. This would explain in particular the delay in leaving the terminal.

Another point to take into consideration: Sony opted for the Snapdragon 810 for its Z4, a Soc which tends to overheat when used in its highest frequencies, which would also explain the choice of a smartphone more thick for better heat dissipation.

All this is of course part of the assumption, since the official speech of Sony is that there is no delay, but simply the choice of a more distant launch window corresponding to an annual renewal rather than six-monthly of its range.

Now remains to be seen if Sony will make the Z4 a real novelty, or a simple update of its Z3 which has already had a lot of trouble convincing the public.