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Solar Impulse 2 Could Be Blocked In Japan For Two Months

SOLAR_IMPULSE 2As he set off from China a few weeks ago to complete the longest leg of his world tour by flying over the Pacific to reach Hawaii, Solar Impulse 2 was forced to land in Japan, due to unfavorable weather conditions. Since June 2, the plane has been blocked at Nagoya, waiting for a shooting window allowing him to take off for a journey of five days and five nights, still without any fossil energy.

The rainy season is now well established on the archipelago, and the weather forecasts begin to be unreliable beyond 5 to 6 days. Problem, the plane has very limited room for maneuver during flights spanning more than 24 hours. Therefore, it is essential to ensure favorable conditions, especially since Solar Impulse will soon be over the Pacific, without the possibility of landing. Now the team hopes that time will allow them to leave quickly, before being permanently blocked for two months.