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Six seconds to load a page

There is the Arcep observatory with its beta data, including the page loading time, but there is also an observatory on Internet Quality of Service offered by the Group of online service publishers in partnership with Cedexis. This observatory (fixed Internet) was launched over a year ago.

In one year, the median loading time of the pages of the Geste sites decreased from 6.4 seconds to 6 seconds (March 2015). On the scale of mainland France, this therefore indicates an increase. But it is an average and large disparities persist between Internet users.

For the fastest, the loading time is 1.7 seconds and more than 30 seconds for the slowest:


The table below also shows the differences between the networks. It is for SFR that the differences between the worst and the best off are the most important, and it is also for SFR that the median value is the least good. Between subscribers on the same network, the best situation is for Numericable:


The observatory is also looking for the first time at the quality of performance region by region. In the lead, Franche-Comté with a median page load time of 5.9 seconds. The last place is occupied by Burgundy with a median loading time of 7.2 seconds:


" Massive and costly deployment of new generations of technology no longer makes sense if it does not benefit everyone ", comments Julien Coulon of Cedexis.

The barometer is established via the collection and analysis of nearly 6 billion anonymous measurements per month, and relating to the loading time of pages among Internet users thanks to an asynchronous JavaScript code implanted in the pages of sites of about fifteen content publishers *.

* 20 minutes, Car & Boat, CCM Benchmark Group, France Televisions, Prisma Presse Group, L'Équipe, L'Express, Le Figaro, Le Monde, L'Obs, Le Parisien, Le Point, M6, Mediapart and RTL.