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SFR and Virgin Mobile double data life

While Bouygues Telecom will offer a new weekend of unlimited data to its customers, SFR and Virgin Mobile are drawing promotions also concerning the Internet Mobile. But it is only for new subscribers.

For SFR, these are the so-called Datavores days and the possibility of subscribing until March 2 at 9 a.m. to a RED 3 Go or RED 5 Go offer benefiting from a 3 GB and 5 GB lifetime bonus. In other words, a doubling of the data envelope without additional cost as long as the subscriber does not change the offer.

SFR-Journees-DatavoresSo-called lifelong promotions have until now been Virgin Mobile's specialty. Acquired by Numericable – SFR, the virtual mobile operator is continuing them with until February 24 a special edition of its 4G package where the Dooble Data option is offered. An envelope therefore increased to 6 GB.