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saturated servers for the beta, EA victim of success

One of the next big games from Electronic Arts, Battlefield hardline has been available in beta open to all and on all platforms since February 3. Also, many players have engaged in multiplayer clashes in the maps made available.

Battlefield Hardline - 23However, some gamers face problems connecting to online matches, especially on PlayStation 4. We learn through EA that this concern is due to servers arrived at their maximum capacity.

By means of a support article, Electronic Arts clarified that the impossibility of joining an online part in the game underlines that the servers are saturated. "We limited the number of players per platform during the Battlefield Hardline beta, to balance our testing needs while trying to deliver an exciting experience to as many gamers as possible", he added.

EA concluded by stating that it will bring "More space and follow demand". The firm however invites players affected by the impossibility to connect to an online match to try to connect later.

According to game traffic statistics, more than 100,000 players have played playable beta in the past 24 hours. The biggest spike was noted on PS4 with 132,287 users online. Remember that the beta will end on February 8.

Remember that Battlefield Hardline will be marketed on March 19, 2015 on the aforementioned supports.