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Samsung's giant fine against Apple will be further reduced

The trial between Apple and Samsung on the issue of patent infringement on mobile devices turned to the advantage of the first to obtain a decision leading to a colossal fine of $ 1 billion inflicted on Samsung in 2013.

iPhone sapphire patent sticker This amount was later reduced to $ 930 million after filing several appeals. However, this amount could be further reduced. It is now an amount of $ 382 million that could be rebalanced.

A Washington court ruled that Samsung had used several patents held by Apple without authorization, but it considered that the claim of "trade dress", to know the appearance of the iPhone (the rectangular front face, the rounded corners) that Samsung would have copied for its own mobile products, is not legally valid and cannot become the monopoly of a single brand.

The penalties awarded to Apple on this point must therefore be recalculated based on a reconsideration of this point, which could significantly reduce or even cancel the amount originally planned for this particular item.