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Samsung dominates the connected watch market, awaiting the arrival of Apple and others

While Samsung was undoubtedly leading smartphone sales worldwide, thanks to its successful Galaxy S and Galaxy Note families, its rival Apple ended up regaining ground with its iPhone models. Analysts agree that the South Korean and the American are now neck and neck for the first step of the podium.

smart watches market Figures for the connected watch in 2014 (Statista credit; click to enlarge)

And we could observe the same thing soon on the connected watch market that currently dominates Samsung with 17.5% of the models sold at the end of 2014, or 1.2 million copies, thanks to its Galaxy Gear models. Apple has just unveiled its Watch that is expected in April 2015, with prices starting at 399 euros.

Not to mention the new competitors in the sector, as evidenced by the numerous models presented at the beginning of the month, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. What nibble more on its market share.

It will take until the end of 2015 and the balance sheets of the main manufacturers to take full measure of a possible questioning of the domination of Samsung on the connected watch market. The South Korean juggernaut does not lack resources to maintain distance.