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Rising Tide, first expansion revealed

Released in 2014, Civilization: Beyond Earth has not had the same success as Civilization V, even though some interesting gameplay features were in order. Anyway, the 2K publisher and the studio Firaxis Games have announced the development of a first extension for the turn-based strategy game.

Civilization Beyond Earth - Rising Tide - 1Baptized Rising Tide, this add-on allows you to explore new frontiers with, in particular, the possibility of colonize the seas. In addition, additional diplomatic options will be required in order to boost the game rounds.

A new artifact system is also announced, allowing you to collect and combine powerful relics to unlock new perks such as upgrades to your units and buildings. In addition, so-called hybrid units will be used and will allow specifications to be mixed. Finally, two new biomes will be present, in an icy world and in a volcanic world.

Civilization Beyond Earth: Rising Tide is slated to be released during thefall 2015 on PC (Windows), priced at 29.99 euros.

Civilization Beyond Earth - Rising Tide - 3 Civilization Beyond Earth - Rising Tide - 2