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Reversible USB Type-C for fast charging and with a surprise

The problem is that the Snapdragon 810, even in version 2.1. Several possibilities:

– Either it will be like for the Sony Xperia Z3 + (Z4 in Asia) and the processor will be "underclock" so as not to be too hot but will be less powerful than the Snapdragon 801 which is fitted to the OnePlus One.

– Either it will not be "underclock" and at this moment it may heat up anyway but to a lesser extent since its revision 2.1.

– Either both, it will be a little underclock, and with a design that makes it a little less warm, and at that time it will have a power "ok but nothing more".

– Either by magic, Qualcomm has completely revised the design of its SoC 810 and corrected everything, but that I doubt it.

Apparently Xiaomi would benefit from this version 2.1 of the Snapdragon 810 too and would have also announced to have tamed the beast, but the first returns are mixed for now with some heating problems and performance a little behind.

Otherwise, apart from this black point (which we will see the negative impact during the first tests), I completely trust OnePlus to offer a beautiful design with lots of little "more" nice compared to the competition while remaining much cheaper, even if it is already rumored to be around 400 ? for this OnePlus 2.

My OnePlus One is still doing wonderfully and luckily I did not have any of the concerns that many people talk about (no yellow screen, no touch problem etc …) and personally, I am very happy for 300 ?, for me it was really a flagship killer because they did not compromise on the quality to be able to offer a cheaper phone than the others like Alcatel does for example (where the GPS chip has trouble fixing, where the camera is more than average etc …). So after we can say anything we want, but at 300 ? it's a real high end. Even if I do not plan to take the OnePlus 2 (because my OnePlus One works very well so no real interest for me to go spend 400 & euro, I still expect them to make a nice smartphone, well finished, with good components (apart from the Snapdragon 810 ), while keeping their design codes (no visible logo on the front, speaker with mini boxes for a very good sound (for a phone of course), cutouts and adjustments of the hyper precise parts and without any play, etc …).