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Recon Jet, glasses with a notch for the connected sportsman

Connected glasses Google Glass have brought good visibility to portable connected objects and to the new uses they will allow on a daily basis. In a similar genre but oriented towards a narrower segment, here come the connected glasses Recon Jet, distributed in France by Xtreme Distribution and presented at the fair MedPi 2015.

Recon Jet

State-of-the-art high-tech object, they offer a remote screen in the lower right corner displaying information related to the sporting activity (time, distance traveled, speed …) and are controlled from a touchpad on the right side that 'just touch it.

The Recon Jet glasses are WiFi and Bluetooth compatible and also offer a clean GPS module as well as a camera that can film in HD. They are also compatible with the connecrtivity of sports devices Ant +.

Recon Jet 01 Recon Jet 03

They can also act as a hands-free kit and the data from the on-board motion sensors can be tracked on a dedicated Recon Engage platform, which can be consulted via a companion application on Android or iOS.

A high-end product intended for experienced athletes, connected glasses are delivered with white and smoked lenses as well as with a second battery, all in neat packaging. The Recon Jet operate a dual core ARM Cortex-A9 1 GHz processor with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of flash memory.

Recon Jet 02

Depending on the use and activation or not of the integrated GPS, the autonomy will vary between 2 and 4 hours. Recon Jet particularly targets sports such as cycling or high-level running and for athletes who want to have precise monitoring of their performance.

Taken in hand, the glasses seem very light but with 192 g on the scale, it remains to be seen whether they will remain comfortable throughout a sports session. The gadget also has a cost: ? 749, which definitely reserves it for a specific audience, at least in this first version. Recon Jet will be available in black or white by the month of june 2015.