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Qualcomm announces its Snapdragon 415, 425, 618 and 620 for the mid-range

Qualcomm has just announced four new 64-bit SoCs around which smartphones introduced in second half of the year.

Among them, there are two SoC Snapdragon 415 and Snapdragon 425 which will animate the small mid-range and two SoC Snapdragon 618 and Snapdragon 620 which will take place within models positioned on the big mid-range.

Qualcomm SnapDragon

With this new generation, S400 family go tooctocore. The Snapdragon 415 and Snapdragon 425 platforms will indeed carry an eight-core A53 processor (up to 1.4 GHz for the S415 and up to 1.7 GHz for the S425). The first will benefit from an X5 modem supporting 4G / LTE cat 4 at 150 Mbit / s, while the second will acquire a compatible X8 modem 4G / LTE cat 7 at 300 Mbit / s. Both will be accompanied by an Adreno 405 GPU.

For its part, the new S600 family will integrate hearts A72 recently revealed by ARM. Two for the Snapdragon 618 and four for the Snapdragon 620, they will be able to operate at 1.8 GHz and will be coupled to four A53 cores at 1.2 GHz within a big.LITTLE architecture. This will yield six cores for the S618 and eight cores for the S620. Again, we are talking about an X8 modem offering 4G / LTE at 300 Mbit / s. Finally, there is talk of support for 4K Ultra HD video, without giving the name of the GPU on board for the moment.