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Prostitution sites: no administrative blocking

At second reading in the National Assembly, the deputies adopted a bill against the prostitution system, one of the objectives of which is to penalize the clients of prostitutes and more generally to fight against pimping.

Sergio-CoronadoAs part of this bill (submitted by deputies and not by the government unlike a bill), there was also talk of the administrative blocking of sites. This idea had been reintroduced after examination of the text by the Senate.

Finally, MEPs adopted an amendment that dismantles the administrative blocking of prostitution websites. On the initiative of this amendment, the environmental deputy Sergio Coronado declares:

" I welcome the invalidation of the provision authorizing the administrative blocking of websites linked to prostitution. Besides the fact that it created a charge for the State, I am convinced that a blockage cannot take place without the intervention of a judge. "

Known to be in force against child pornography sites, the administrative blocking of sites had been talked about again at the start of the year by being extended to sites praising terrorism. But it will therefore not reach websites promoting prostitution. For the deputy Sergio Coronado, the obstruction seems " in any case preferable "to the administrative one.

In addition to the absence of the judge, the administrative blockage is pointed out by various associations and actors of the Net for its ineffectiveness (bypassing via mirror sites for example), overblocking and raises fears of an uncontrolled drift including self-censorship by the hosts .

There is no doubt, however, that the administrative deadlock will again regularly be talked about by interfering again in parliamentary debates. The extension of it seems " infinite ", underlines Sergio Coronado.