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Print all Wikipdia? Chick!

Fortunately, Michael Mandiberg is content with the English version of Wikipedia. This American artist opens today an exhibition From Aaaaa! to ZZZap! in New York as part of a Print Wikipedia project.

He created software to swallow and process the Wikipedia database in order to extract print formats such as volumes of encyclopedia of yesteryear. The problem is obviously that when a volume is printed? it is already obsolete due to the very active contributions in the free encyclopedia.

Even so, this represents 7,600 physical volumes of which only 106 were printed for the needs of the exhibition. Each has 700 pages. However, the artist does not intend to print all 7,600 volumes.

Print-WikipediaFor the exhibition, the bottom of the operation will be shown. Some 11 GB of compressed data from the Print Wikipedia project will be transferred to the print-on-demand site. A process that should take between 11 and 14 days. With each volume completed, a tweet will be posted to the @PrintWikipedia account.

Fans of the project and the artist will be able to purchase a volume of the encyclopedia for $ 80 on Volumes in the gallery will be on sale for $ 68. On, all volumes will be on sale for $ 500,000. If there are buyers …

The artist's approach is both "a utilitarian vision of the greatest accumulation of human knowledge" and " a poetic gesture towards the futility of the Big Data scale ". It's even more complicated than a subject at the Bac de philo. You have 4 hours.