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possibility of Windows Phone smartphones if Microsoft buries the hatchet

HTC and Samsung have in common to have tried in the past the adventure of Windows Phone smartphones, before leaving the ship due to a very uncertain future.

But while the first officially excludes any return to an ecosystem that he considers unprofitable, despite the free license, the second seems more inclined to retry the adventure.

Samsung Omnia 7 The Samsung Omnia W launched at the end of 2011 (click to enlarge)

In any case, this is what the South Korean press indicates, that Samsung has launched tests of Windows Phone 8.1 on its own smartphones.

Also according to the South Korean press, the return of the manufacturer would be conditioned by thefavorable outcome litigation with Microsoft over royalties on its Android smartphones.

Samsung recalls the broken contract, as Microsoft had become a direct competitor by buying the mobile branch of Nokia.

In the case of an agreement, Windows Phone smartphones signed Samsung could see the light of day third trimester of the year.