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Popcorn Time for pornography

Popcorn Time – and its forks – is this famous multi-platform application that first got the word out as hackers' Netflix. In Netflix style, it allows video streaming by exploiting the streaming possibilities of BitTorrent technology.

Under the aegis of, Popcorn Time apparently intends to move towards a version that will offer a completely legal offer. But for the moment, it's a very targeted version of Popcorn Time that is making the buzz.

Porn Time works in the same way as Popcorn Time but is limited exclusively to pornographic content. The chief developer of Porn Time at VentureBeat says: " Users can immediately enjoy the latest movies in HD quality with just the click of a button "He added that the content can be streamed directly to a larger screen with Chromecast or Airplay.


Based on the Popcorn Time code, Porn Time – which is also an open source project – uses the PornLeech tracker as the main source for torrent files but other sources will be added later.

Porn Time is presented as the first Popcorn Time for pornographic (and pirated) films. TorrentFreak notes, however, that Popcorn4ever (another fork) has already been offering pornographic content for several months with sources like KickassTorrents, The Pirate Bay and its own decentralized network.

Porn Time is available for Windows, OS X and Linux. Versions for Android and iOS are in the cards. In any case, this will not at all be to the taste of the adult content industry, which already had X-style sites in its sights.