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players abuse it, say independent developers

A few days ago, Valve updated the refund conditions for games purchased on the Steam download platform, so as to soften the requests made by players. This is especially useful in the case of a configuration that is too weak to run a game, or even in the event of dissatisfaction.

Qwiboo - Steam salesSince it is possible to play two hours before requesting a refund at Valve, some players would have taken advantage of this flexibility with certain games which have a particularly low lifespan. This is the case of Beyond Gravity, the title of the British independent studio Qwiboo.

The latter stated that requests for reimbursement have multiplied since changing Steam conditions last week. The graph opposite shows the trend for this title sold at 1.99 euros. Out of 18 sales, 13 were finally reimbursed, Qwiboo noted. This represents 72% of sales.

The studio stressed that reimbursement is a good idea, but the policy of allowing two hours of play is a concern, given that the title does not have a substantial lifespan.

PuppyGames - Steam salesPuppyGames, another independent studio, faces a similar situation, as highlighted in the graphic opposite. Concretely, a certain volume of players on Steam takes advantage of the new flexibility of reimbursement to play for free.

It remains to be seen whether Valve will update its conditions, following these examples.