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Patrick Drahi explodes Xavier Niel who will fight back

Forbes has just published its annual ranking of the biggest fortunes in this world. Some 1,826 billionaires (a record) who accumulate 7,050 billion dollars (+65 billion dollars over a year).

Bill Gates ($ 79.2 billion) retains its top spot, while the youngest billionaire is the co-founder of Snapchat. The 24-year-old Evan Spiegel has $ 1.5 billion on his meter.

Last year and from a French point of view, the Forbes ranking was marked by the entry in the 215th place of Patrick Drahi with 6.3 billion dollars. The president of the Altice investment fund was then quite far behind Xavier Niel. The boss of Free and Iliad shareholder was in 162nd place with 8.2 billion.

Patrick-Drahi-Xavier-NielPositions have now changed. The boss of Numericable-SFR made a spectacular leap in the ranking to occupy 57th place with $ 16 billion. Less spectacularly, Xavier Niel also moved up the rankings to occupy 136th place with $ 9.3 billion.

A survey published by Capital magazine describes the now conflicting relationships between these two telecom billionaires who compete in France and elsewhere, and in areas other than telecoms such as media and education.

According to this investigation, Xavier Niel is preparing to revive the price war in the mobile with in particular the idea of ??destabilizing Patrick Drahi who needs to generate margins in order to repay the debts contracted for the buyout of SFR.

This reminds us of Bouygues Telecom's attempt to relaunch the price war in the fixed Internet in order to suffocate the margins of Free with its Freebox which allow it to finance its initiatives in the mobile. Except that the operators did not really follow.

If Martin Bouygues is at war against Xavier Niel, the latter seems to do the same with Patrick Drahi.