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This week, Nvidia has lifted the veil on its new technological showcase, a graphics card GeForce GTX Titan X which will be sold within 1,000 euros with us.

In the process, new GeForce 347.88 drivers were made available to support it, in addition to making some improvements, particularly in terms of SLI.

If Gigabyte and Zotac quickly announced their own models of the GeForce GTX Titan X graphics card, MSI and Palit followed suit.

MSI GeForce GTX Titan X Palit GeForce GTX Titan X GeForce GTX Titan X by MSI and Palit (click to enlarge)

Characteristic side, no surprise to tell the truth. Nvidia has indeed indicated that there will be no custom models and that all partners will be housed in the same boat.

We thus find the heart GM200 clocked at 1 GHz (or 1.050 GHz in Turbo mode) and the 12 GB GDDR5 memory interfaced in 384-bit, as well as the connection composed of DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort ports. Consumption still peaks at 250 Watts.

For those interested, tests have been carried out. They could also tip the scales in favor of the Radeon R9 295X2 from AMD.