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of trolling sales, a disaster predicted (Forbes)


With its Galaxy S6, Samsung has relaunched its ftiche platform. By following the competition by revealing two models and listening to user reviews to make its smartphone evolve towards real high-end, Samsung expects a lot from its terminal, and yet success does not seem to be there.

For Samsung, the Galaxy S6 is a sign of renewal. The Korean manufacturer has made the effort to bring its smartphone into the real high-end with rising services, a metal chassis and a more luxurious design, but also by focusing on novelty with its Edge version offering a display on the slices.

Samsung-Galaxy-S6-Edge "width =" 250 "height =" 167 Unfortunately, according to information shared by Forbes, the terminal would not sell as well as expected, we would even be rather close to disaster. The situation would be worse than with the Galaxy S5 and if Samsung mentioned 10 million smartphones delivered in its first month of operation, sales would not really take off. By the way, this figure alone is lower than the performance of the Galaxy S5 which Samsung has acknowledged the dismal failure.

The experts who maintain this idea of ??a future failure do not really explain the reasons for this lack of popularity. The price could however be a determining factor, with an entry ticket billed 700 euros. However, the price of the Galaxy S6 is based on those of Apple terminals, which do not seem to have trouble finding takers, even in times of crisis …

Let us add that the Galaxy S6 quickly suffered from youthful flaws. The smartphone thus suffered from difficulties in purging its RAM, causing bugs and a significant loss of autonomy. But since then, Samsung has corrected this through various updates.

Finally, note that the CEO of Samsung Mobile, JK Shin, denied the lack of performance of his smartphone, while Forbes maintained his analysis. Samsung still hopes to sell more than 70 million Galaxy S6 this year, moreover, the sale price of its terminal could drop by around 30% in the coming weeks.