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not easy to disconnect, despite the holidays

Beach.According to the responses provided, 48% indeed carry a laptop, 29% a touch pad and 10% both, while 9% are content with their smartphone. The rest, barely 4%, choose to completely disconnect. So these are 96% who plan a device to be able to connect. The responses also indicate that Wi-Fi is a determining factor in 81% cases when choosing accommodation for the holidays. The remaining 19% don't care a bit.

Once there, 5% take advantage of their free time to surf more and 19% do not surf more. The largest proportion, 76%, indicates to reduce the connection time compared to usual. But what for the fact? If it?s obviously about checking emails and feeding social media, 67% also indicate that they consult the favorites related to their vacations (guides, hotels, restaurants, activities, etc.) that they have pre-recorded before leaving. More than half of them fear that they will lose them. For others, it will be an opportunity to improvise.

We can therefore qualify. If the vast majority take a device to connect and ensure access to a Wi-Fi hotspot, it is essentiallyan available connection for the most part and not an opportunity to "geek" all day.