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North Korea suffers disruption on its 3G mobile network after fixed Internet

Since the FBI determined that the North Korea was well behind the hacking of Sony servers which led to a massive leak of information from Sony Pictures and while the screening of the film The Interview, perhaps at the origin of this action, was nevertheless programmed, North Korea knew several days of Internet access disruptions.

North korea-flag Pyongyang replied in accusing the United States to be the source of access difficulties. Since then, it also seems that the country's 3G mobile network is in difficulty. And if access to the fixed Internet remains limited to a small number of people in North Korea, the mobile network is however widely used by the population.

The interruption of the functioning of the North Korean 3G mobile network could therefore have unfortunate consequences for the population. The number of subscribers to the only operator Koryolink is estimated at 2.4 million, or about 10% of the population.

The use of the mobile network remains limited to national calls and mobile data is only accessible to foreigners residing for a certain time in the country, such as diplomats, reports the site. Re / code. It is difficult to know, however, whether the cut in the North Korean mobile network is linked to disturbances in the fixed network, and of the same origin.