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No longer supporting his slow and unstable PC, a man commits the irreparable

Having a desktop computer that was starting to date, Luca Hinch was one of those who railed daily about slowness and repeated crashes of his machine. But, by frustration, this 37-year-old man living in Colorado, in the United States, ended up committing the irreparable.

Luca Hinch recently took his gun and emptied the magazine on the computer causing him so much daily frustration. Photos of the bullet-riddled case are circulating on the web and attest to the event.

Computer live bullets (1) Computer live bullets (2)

Computer live bullets (3) The computer, riddled with bullets (click to enlarge)

The incident came to light, as the neighbors called the police to report gunshots to him and because officers were dispatched to see what was going on. No gang or deceased person once there. Just the owner of a PC who wanted to do away with his recalcitrant bike. There are no less than eight bullets in the casing.

Luca Hinch is however the subject of lawsuits, not for destroying his computer, but for discharging his weapon in a residential area, which is prohibited by local law.