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Ninebot One, when getting around is as simple as a gyro

In the field of urban mobility, the Segways are gradually settling into the landscape. Easy to learn to fly and maneuver, equipped with electric motors, they are attractive for trips of a few kilometers but keep a relatively high price.

The most visible devices are Segways on two wheels but there are also gyroroues to wedge between the ankles and controlled in the same way by gyroscopic controls.

Facing the model Solowheel present on the market for a few years, the company Ninebot (which bought Segway in April and counts the Xiaomi brand among its investors) presented at the show Medpi 2015 its own model of gyroroue Ninebot One.

Slightly heavier than its competitor, with 13 kg, equipped with a 1500 W motor, the device can reach a speed of 20 km / h and climb slopes up to 30% (which allows in particular to pass the sidewalks) .

Ninebot One 01 Ninebot One 05

The autonomy announced is 20 to 30 km, depending on the body size of the user (up to 100 Kg) and the gyroroue recharges in 2:30. Its advantage is that it is customizable (choice of colors, LEDs, possibility of attaching an outdoor camera …) and connected via Bluetooth via an Android or iOS application.

Ninebot One 04 Ninebot One 03

Note that it can roll on any type of terrain (excluding loose sand) thanks to a rubber wheel 40 cm in diameter. The Ninebot One gyro also plays its difference on its price: it has been offered for a few months at 999 ? and should soon be distributed in several major brands.

Another product on display at the Ninebot stand is the Nino seated Segway, a "self-balancing electric vehicle", which won a distinction at the MedPi 2015 show. It is a two-wheeled wheelchair balancing on its own and ensuring real mobility.

Seated Segway Nino

The seated Nino Segway, which weighs less than 40 kg, batteries included, can reach a speed of 9 km / h, cross the sidewalks and provides up to 35 km of range, for a recharge in 3 hours. The device has 200 sensors permanently measuring position and speed to guarantee stability and security.

Again, the difference compared to competing products also plays on the price (less than 7000 ?).