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Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčnot welcome at this time

While Netflix is ??now invited to certain boxes of Internet service providers, the platform remains absent from the services of Free. And even if we note that the operator boxes are not the best vector for the democratization of the SVOD service, it seems obvious that something gets stuck (again) between the American actor and the troublemaker of the Net.

NetflixExcept that in the meantime, Free has unveiled its Freebox mini 4K, which has the distinction of operating on Android TV. The opportunity therefore arose to take advantage of the Android application from Netflix to access the service …

First disappointment: Netflix is ??absent from the store dedicated to Android TV. Never mind, manual installation via an .apk file allows you to install the version of Netflix dedicated to Android.

Unfortunately, even installed, Netflix refuses to launch on the Freebox mini 4K. The situation is no better from the Google Cast feature.

However, Netflix has already been ported to Android TV, but the application is restricted to a few smart TVs through partnerships. Netflix has developed apps for each partner platform, based on the TV specs, which explains why the app isn't widely available on the Google Store TV.

Google has its share of responsibility in the case: the group now carries out significant filtering at the level of the applications offered on Android TV in order to oust those which might not be compatible with all the terminals operating under the OS. For the user, this means that each proposed application is perfectly compatible with their device, even if the choice is particularly limited at the start.

Netflix has however announced that it will focus on the development of an application allowing it to correspond to as many platforms as possible. On the Free side, the door is now open, but the operator does not want to work in any partnership with the service for the moment. If Netflix were to settle on Freebox, it will be through its Android TV application, and nothing more for the moment.