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NASA wants to multiply the missions in the cislunar space to prepare its flights to Mars

NASA is thus preparing a series of missions which will be held in cislunar space (the spherical space being around the Earth and up to the limit of the orbit of the Moon) stipulating that it was an ideal testing ground for preparing possible living missions to Mars.

NASA dark side of the moonThe projects are not very advanced, but they could involve private space companies like SpaceX as well as countries other than the USA. It would be a question of testing various technologies, habitable modules, propulsion or communication systems, all of which are geared towards long-term missions.

One of the most important subjects of these different missions will be the technology revolving around the survival and housing modules. NASA is considering two approaches at this time.

The first consists in launching survival modules in several parts over several launches which would be grafted onto launchers dedicated to other tasks. The other option is to dedicate two launches carrying only survival modules.

NASA still hopes to have the technology necessary for a manned mission to Mars by the mid-2020s.