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Mushkin positions itself with a more affordable product

Manufacturer Mushkin Unveils New Line of ECO2 SSDs in Format 2.5 inch 7.5 millimeters. This family consists of four references MKNSSDEC60GB, MKNSSDEC120GB, MKNSSDEC240GB and MKNSSDEC480GB with respective capacities of 60, 120, 240 and 480 GB.

Then in terms of bit rates, this is classic. On paper, we indeed cross 500 MB / s, during a SATA 3 connection. The manufacturer indicates peaks at 535 MB / s in sequential writing and 550 MB / s in sequential read.

Mushkin ECO2 Mushkin SSD ECO2 SSD (click to enlarge)

More used to SSDs with high added value, like the Scorpion Deluxe model flirting with 2,150 MB / s or the STRIKER model with AES 256-bit encryption and peaks at 565 MB / s, Mushkin is now positioned on a more affordable product.

It now remains to wait for the information concerning marketing to judge the real interest in the face of other models on the market. These were not communicated by the manufacturer.