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Microsoft Edge: a Windows 10 exclusive

It is not a surprise. We had already located this information in the FAQ of the Microsoft Edge Dev site. We will therefore speak more of a confirmation: the new Microsoft Edge browser is currently a Windows exclusive and what is more Windows 10.

As part of its world tour following its 2015 BUILD conference, the Redmond company indicated that it is not at the moment its plans to deliver Microsoft Edge on another platform.

The most disappointed will undoubtedly be the users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 but they will be able to console themselves by saying that the update to Windows 10 will be free, and therefore with this new operating system which will be launched this summer, the presence Microsoft Edge as the default browser.

Microsoft-Edge-site-for-developersNo Microsoft Edge for OS X or Linux, while one might have thought that as part of Microsoft's "mobile and cloud first" strategy, its new browser could have, like Office applications, clear a path if not for iOS (for lack of the choice of a WebKit base), at least for Android.

Some new Windows 10 builds have recently leaked while on computer the latest official one remains the 10074. In the case of Microsoft Edge, they reveal among the new additions the possibility of saving passwords and forms from a website. , history support, an InPrivate navigation mode.

Recall that support for extensions in HTML and JavaScript will be absent when the browser starts in final version but will come later.