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Microsoft Deploys New Web Interface

OneDrive-new-web-interfaceAt the start of the year, Microsoft introduced new possibilities for managing, viewing and sharing photos for OneDrive. The apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone were then upgraded. Now it's the web application's turn.

The OneDrive web interface has been extensively reviewed, although it does not necessarily stand out to the casual user. Proof that you get used to change quickly. The main objective is Responsive Design with all the elements of OneDrive which must adapt to the various screen sizes. Fundamental work.

The presentation of the thumbnails has been changed, as has the color palette. The typography is clearer with Microsoft which remains faithful to its Segoe font. OneDrive on the web needed a good brushstroke and it now seems to be the case.

The new interface is being deployed. All accounts should be served within the next few days. For OneDrive for Business, it will be before the end of this year.