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Manuel Valls wants to see the last white areas disappear within 18 months


The issue of white areas, these areas still without network coverage, must be addressed within 18 months, said Prime Minister Manuel Valls, with an emphasis no longer on 2G but on 3G.

The white areas are rural areas still lacking 2G network coverage and successive governments call to fill, without much success, no more than incentive attempts in exchange for their disappearance.

Antennas-4g "height =" 134 "width =" 201 The Prime Minister Manuel Valls seeks to reactivate this file and especially to close it by calling for the end of the white areas within 18 months. And it will not only bring 2G, an aging technology, but also 3G, if necessary by making it an obligation for operators.

In addition, these same operators will have to provide solutions to ensure the functioning of the mobile network within dwellings in rural areas, implied through femtocells to connect to the boxes.

It is therefore a matter of advancing an issue that has been dragging on for several years and whoseArcep, regulator of the telecommunications sector, was annoyed by the slowness. Its sanctioning power having been freshly reactivated, the "constraint" mentioned by Manuel Valls could soon take a very concrete form.