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LibreOffice on the Mac App Store

LibreOffice-Collabora-OSXLibreOffice signs its entry into the Mac App Store to equip Mac computers. This arrival is the work of the company Collabora which announces consequently for the productivity suite on OS X, automatic updates, long-term maintenance and optional support for professionals.

These are actually two editions that are offered in the Mac App Store: LibreOffice Vanilla and LibreOffice de Collabora. Based on the latest code from The Document Foundation, the first is free. The second edition is offered for ? 10. It is based on the stable branch and maintained for three years (compared to six months for Vanilla).

LibreOffice de Collabora is aimed at professionals. A presence in the Mac App Store should give LibreOffice a better visibility and facilitate its installation. The British Collabora is also involved in the LibreOffice Online project.