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Lenovo takes inspiration from Xiaomi and "offers" 4G 20,000 people

Lenovo seems determined to follow in the footsteps of its young compatriot and competitor Xiaomi. The Chinese group indeed communicates once again on the outcome of a flash sale concerning its very recent smartphone A6000 available for a hundred euros.

In addition to boasting a lot of 20,000 copies sold on the Indian market in 3 seconds, Lenovo believes it has brought 4G to so many natives. Because, if his A6000 smartphone benefits from a very attractive price, that does not prevent him from enjoying a LTE compatibility category 4, for theoretical peaks at 150 Mbit / s in reception. And as it is jostling at the gate, knowing that more than 250,000 people had expressed their interest in the first sale, he already announces the next batch on social networks. It is scheduled for February 11.

Lenovo A6000 success Lenovo A6000 announces Lenovo's communication (click to enlarge)

Lenovo is not the only player to have used Xiaomi's methods. Micromax was also inspired by its brand yu, whose first model called Yureka and delivered with Cyanogen also sells like hotcakes.