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just as customizable as the Watch!

The watch Apple Watch will bet a lot on its finishes and its possibilities of customization. For prices from 400 to over 1000 ?, it will be possible to choose different materials and styles of bracelet to compose the connected watch of your dreams.

LG Watch Urbane This aspect is all the more strategic as the gadget is very personal and will be displayed constantly on the wrist. The Cupertino group therefore did not skimp on personalization with many possible combinations.

While the media light is therefore logically on the Watch watch, Google does not forget to recall the existence of the alternative Android Wear which also has extensive customization possibilities.

Android wear

In addition to the shape of the case, which may vary from square to round depending on the manufacturer, the Mountain VIew group wanted to point out that its environment dedicated to connected watches now has more than one thousand dials (watchface) offering everyone the possibility of choosing their display according to their mood, outfit or any other criteria.

Android wear bracelet

Several applications also offer the possibility of creating your own dials, giving pride of place to everyone's talent and imagination. In addition, many Android Wear watch cases use standard bracelets 22 mm, which also leaves great freedom of choice.

Several resellers have already started to offer selections of bracelets to accompany connected watches, in different colors and materials.