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June: The smart connect oven

In the world of connected appliances, June is currently causing a sensation by revealing an intelligent oven, capable of calculating fully automatically the cooking time of food, as well as the ideal temperature.

June smart oven

The oven is thus able to identify the type of food, weigh it and automatically adapt the cooking mode so that the user has only one button to press.

To do this, June is equipped with a quad-core processor clocked at 2.3 GHz, a 5-inch touch screen and an HD camera associated with a host of sensors. A dedicated application even allows him to offer a video streaming of the cooking process, in order to monitor the progress of his dish while surfing on his smartphone.

The June oven is currently offered for pre-order on the official website of its manufacturer at a price that remains high: just over 1300 euros. After July 10, its price will however be doubled and deliveries are not scheduled before 2016.