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Jay-Z's music streaming platform flops

Tidal, the music streaming service, came out of nowhere, created by artist Jay-Z having found financial support from a dozen music stars like Beyonce, Daft Punk, Madonna, Rihanna or Deadmau5.

Presented as a platform offering music in lossless quality dedicated to real music lovers, the platform offers 25 million titles as well as 75,000 video clips and editorial content produced by professionals in the sector.

Tidal 1

Still, it doesn't seem to really attract the crowds as expected. When it was launched, the application was in the top 20 of the App Store, today it ranks above the 900th position. On Google Play, the observation is similar: from 7th place to its launch, it quickly fell to sink into oblivion.

Three weeks after its launch, Tidal was also undergoing a restructuring with the replacement of its CEO and the dismissal of 25 people.

The problem of Tidal probably arises in terms of its price: no free offer to test the service is available, and the starting price is 10 euros per month for standard sound quality, or 20 euros for access to content in high fidelity.